Easy Switch, Happy Pets

Switching to Barekmor Pet Foods? 

We want your pet to enjoy Barekmor with ease. When shifting from your current pet food to Barekmor, take it slow and steady. Here's how we make it simple:

Step 1 (Days 1-3): Start with 75% of your pet's old food and 25% Barekmor pet food for the first 1-3 days. Keep an eye on their digestion. 

Step 2 (Days 3-6): If all is well, shift to a 50-50 mix of old and Barekmor pet food. If your pet faces digestion hiccups, stick with 25% Barekmor for a few more days.

Step 3 (Days 6-9): After 6 days without issues, go for 75% Barekmor and 25% old food. If digestion problems, continue 50% old food for a bit longer. Once your pet is comfortable, they're ready for a full transition to Barekmor.

Step 4 (Day 10 Onwards): Now, you can serve 100% Barekmor. And once your pet is fully on Barekmor, no need to switch between our different recipes. They'll always get top-notch tailored nutrition.