Lost & Found dogs- What can you do to help?

By law, your dog should be microchipped. When in a public place, make sure they wear a collar and tag with your name and contact details. This will help you find your dog if they go missing. It is incredibly stressful for a pet parent to lose their dog.


There are certain things you can do to track your lost friend:

  • Your dog's microchip - phone the database they are registered with and report them as missing.
  • Contact your local dog warden.
  • Notify your local vets, animal hospitals and rehoming centres.
  • Register your dog on missing pet websites. RSPCA refer the public to Pets Located, exclusively used by their inspectors, but you can find other similar websites through search engines.


If you have found a healthy-looking dog:

  • Report the stray dog to the council.
  • Ring local vets and rescue centres.
  • If it is safe, check whether the dog is wearing a tag, call the number and leave a message.
  • Ask local vets to scan them for a microchip.
  • Create a found poster and place around the local area
  • Check listings and add details on missing pet websites.
  • If you decide to take the dog home while you wait for the warden to arrive, please be aware that lost dogs may be scared and distressed. If you are unsure about their behaviour, please do not approach and wait for the dog warden to arrive.
  • By law, you cannot keep a stray dog. If you want to rehome the dog, leave your details with the dog warden.